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BC Removes 1000 kg restriction on adjacent axles for ATC


BC Removes 1000 kg restriction on adjacent axles for ATC

Regina, SK – January 12, 2024 – BC Transport has announced further significant changes to the weights and dimensions policy, specifically Chapter 5, pertaining to All-Terrain Cranes. These changes have resulted from the efforts of the CCRA Weights & Dimensions Technical Committee.

The Canadian Crane Rental Association (CCRA) is proud to share this news. “Over three years ago, we met with BC CCRA Member Companies to address some of their concerns and we all agreed on priorities – then our team went to work on behalf of industry. Changes to regulations take time and it is important to pause and recognize these important improvements” said Committee Co-Chair Justin Andrews. “We once again acknowledge the great collaboration between the CCRA and the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Office as we continue to improve regulations”, concluded Mike Lavoie, Committee Co-Chair. The revisions to the policy reflect the commitment of all parties involved to improve safety and efficiency in the industry.

Summary of the recent ATC policy revisions are:

  • Description of ATC revised of reference steering and suspensions systems to better distinguish from mobile cranes and other boom trucks
  • Load equalization within 1,000 kg between adjacent axles removed
  • Max overall length revised from 25 m to 31 m
    • Pilot car exemptions are not provided with revision to overall length
    • ATC and boom bolly configuration may be 31 m long but would need to be 2.6 m wide to operate without a pilot car on 2-lane highways
    • ATC and boom dolly configuration 27.5 m long may be up to 3.2 m wide for operations without a pilot car on 2-lane highways so 27.5 m overall length may be more of a practical limit for ATCs
  • Max interaxle spacing between adjacent axles revised from 3.0 m to 4.2 m
  • Max ATC truck chassis length revised from 14/15 m to 16.5 m
  • Max 12,000 kg per single axle removed
    • Requirement was based on 600 mm wide tires which was/is not used by industry
    • Single axle max is 11,000 kg which requires min 520 mm wide single tires, typically 525 single tires

Chapter 5 Policy for Specialized Vehicle Size and Weight Guidelines and Permits has been updated to reflect these changes. The CCRA Weights & Dimensions Committee welcomes industry comments on the impact of these changes and will continue to engage with the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to address the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).

The CCRA and BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure appreciate the ongoing support and understanding of all stakeholders as these changes are implemented.

For more information, please contact: Claire Bélanger-Parker

Claire@ccra-aclg.ca / 306-585-2722 / 306-535-9991

About BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure – Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch

The Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch is responsible for programs, regulation, and policy for commercial and private vehicles. These programs, regulation and policy provide general information affecting commercial carriers, vehicle inspection programs, National Safety Code information, and contain various publications and reference materials.

About the Canadian Crane Rental Association (CCRA) – Weights & Dimensions Committee

The CCRA represents all crane rental companies, crane owners, manufacturers, and suppliers to the industry. The Weights & Dimensions Committee is responsible for initiating industry led changes and improvements to weights and dimensions policies and regulations. One of the current key initiatives is working in collaboration with Western Provinces’ Transport Ministries to harmonize weights and dimensions for all-terrain cranes and the development of heavy load corridors between provincial jurisdictions. The Weights & Dimensions Committee is led by Justin Andrews, Regional Business Manager, Canada & Western USA, Tadano America and Mike Lavoie, Operations Manager, Myshak Crane & Rigging Ltd.