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Becoming a Director


Becoming a Director

What it means to join the Canadian Crane Rental Association’s Board of Directors 

Welcome to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Crane Rental Association (CCRA)

The CCRA Board is comprised of 13 esteemed Directors, including 10 representatives from Crane Rental Companies and 3 from Supplier firms. This guide is crafted to acquaint new Directors with the commitments, both temporal and financial, that accompany their important role on the Board. 

Director Responsibilities:

  • Bear personal expenses for board meeting attendance.
  • Submit a formal application as outlined on page 2.
  • Participate in the Annual Conference & AGM.
  • Deliver a concise, one-minute introductory speech at the AGM.
  • Engage actively in all board meetings.

Director Commitment Schedule: Upon election at the AGM, Directors agree to the following schedule:

  1. Post-AGM Board Meeting (20 minutes):
    • Election of the Executive Committee.
    • Confirmation of signing authority changes.
    • Location: Conference venue.
  2. Virtual Onboarding Session (2 hours):
    • Purpose: To educate new and existing Directors on Board structure and responsibilities.
    • Cost: None.
  3. Autumn Board Retreat (2 days):
    • Timing: Mid to late September, within Canada.
    • Directors cover their travel and accommodation expenses.
    • CCRA secures competitive room rates; Directors provide a credit card upon arrival.
    • CCRA covers meals, coffee breaks, and meeting costs. Spouses are welcome at meals.
    • Networking dinners for Directors and spouses are organized and billed post-event.
  4. Winter Board Retreat (2 days):
    • Historically in warm locations (e.g., Florida, Arizona, California, Mexico) during early February.
    • Similar expense structure and arrangements as the Autumn Board Retreat.
  5. Spring Virtual Board Meeting (1.5 hour):
    • Purpose: To review and select nomination for upcoming AGM and approve financials.
    • Cost: None.
  6. Annual Conference & AGM:
    • Mandatory attendance for Directors.
    • Directors handle their registration, travel, and lodging costs.
    • A pre-conference group dinner, hosted by the Chairperson, is billed to Directors post-conference.

Spousal Participation: Spouses and partners are heartily invited to CCRA events, including group dinners and activities. However, Board meetings are exclusive to elected Directors. Many Directors coordinate these events with personal vacations, particularly when held in tourist-friendly locales.

Cultural Impact: The CCRA Board has fostered a culture of mutual trust and respect. The collaborative efforts of industry leaders over two days, biannually, have significantly advanced our sector.

We invite you to apply to become a director of the Board by downloading this Director Application.