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We welcome all crane rental operations companies, manufacturers and suppliers of cranes and equipment, suppliers of services used in the specialty crane rental business, contractors, construction, mining, oil and gas etc. companies operating in Canada, that own and operate cranes, as well as union locals, institutions, associations, and industry media.

Representative of member companies can apply to join the Board of Director. Application process for Board Position (Link) 

We make great efforts in translating as much information as we can, our meetings are conducted in English and our working documents are in English. There are always French-speaking bilingual members eager to provide interpretation services at the meetings.

Subject matter experts are welcome to contact info@ccra-aclg.ca to indicate their interest in participating.

The Annual Conference is exclusively and solely for the members of the Canadian Crane Rental Association.

There is no limit, each member (company) can register as many delegates as required.

Even if your company is a member of CCRA, it is possible that your name or email has not been added to our database. From the website, there is a link to the Conference which we activate in January. If you try to register and the system does not recognize you, there could be 2 reasons:

  • It is your first conference and your name and address have not been added to our database;
  • You are using a different email address than the one we have in our files.

The home page has a direct link to the Conference website. The information is accessible but registration only opens in January.

Not at this time.

It is a play on words, a tradition that stared over twenty years ago. A spreader bar, is one of the most often used piece of lifting equipment, also called a spreader beam. It is a simple bar that holds two slings apart and distributes the weight over two or more pick points. Two lugs on top of the bar are each attached at an angle with a chain or sling that is connected to the crane. They’re most often used for very wide or heavy loads.

For social events, business casual is the way we roll. Golf courses have certain rules regarding dress codes, so do check ahead of times.
Our tours often take you on an adventure so planning for Canadian weather is recommended. Check the long-range weather prior to coming to the conference and plan accordingly. Casual, comfortable footwear and wind-breakers are usually needed.
For meeting, business attire is always a safe way to go, if making a good impression and developing your network and net worth is important for you, then dress for the part. We live by the moto that we do business with people we know, like and trust and there is nothing more important that the first impression.

Closing Banquets are usually more formal. This is the one time a year the crane industry shows up in suits and formal wear. Professional photography is offered, and these pictures speak loudly of our the quality of industry.

We moved to paperless conference several years ago and still transitioning. The Program is available on the website under the event tab, it is fully accessible on the Member Portal and a Program at a glance can also be downloaded and printed if this is your preference.

If you didn’t find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.