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Technical Committee


Technical Committee

The individual members active on this committee are:

  • Paul Walchuck – Kova Engineering Ltd. (Chair)
  • Darin Richards – Kova Engineering Ltd.
  • Jason Brown – Kova Engineering Ltd.
  • John-Louis Lapointe – Union Int’l des Opérateurs-Ingénieurs-Lcl 905 
  • Julien Raby – Irving Equipment Limited 
  • Lance Rydbom – Tadano America Corporation
  • Eugene Reed – Myshak Group

Committee members are engaged in regulatory frameworks, technical innovations and research and development initiatives involving the members of the association as identified by the Board.

If you wish to participate to the work of this committee, please contact Claire Belanger-Parker by email at: claire(at)ccra-aclg.ca or by phone at 306-585-2722.