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Corporate Partnership

Elevate Your Brand with Our Corporate Partnership Program

Our Corporate Partnership Program offers an unparalleled opportunity for your company to gain year-round visibility and recognition. This program not only enhances the quality of our Annual Conference but also enriches our Member Portal with valuable resources, creating a vibrant ecosystem that welcomes member companies from various sectors including manufacturers, distributors, and service providers.

With an investment of $5,000, your company will enjoy significant visibility and a host of benefits:

  • Year-round Brand Recognition: Your brand and logo will be prominently displayed on our website and Member Portal.
  • Newsletter Inclusion: Your logo will be included in our newsletter and industry-wide correspondence.
  • Social Media Shout-outs: Public recognition on our social media platforms with a minimum of 4 posts per year.
  • Annual Conference Highlights: Multiple mentions at the Annual Conference, along with your logo featured on the digital loop.
  • Content Contribution: Opportunity to contribute to an article/editorial in Crane & Hoist Canada.
  • Webinar Presentation: Opportunity to present a company-branded webinar, showcasing your expertise and solutions.
  • Crane Rental Sector Profile Study: You will receive the very first Crane Rental Sector Profile Study as a benefit to you contribution.

We are committed to continuously exploring innovative ways to bring even more attention to your brand. This is more than a partnership; it’s an opportunity for your brand to shine in the spotlight. Join us and let’s elevate your brand together!