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Major BC Announcement


Major BC Announcement


Major Changes Announced to Weights & Dimensions Policy for the Crane Industry by BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Montreal, QC, December 6, 2023– BC Transport has announced significant changes to the weights and dimensions policy, specifically Chapter 5, pertaining to All-Terrain Cranes. The announcement was made during the National Task Force on Weights & Dimensions Policy meeting held in Montreal.

The Canadian Crane Rental Association (CCRA) is proud to share this news. “As Co-Chairs of the Weights & Dimensions Committee, we want to thank our industry colleagues who have contributed their expertise to support these changes” said Mike Lavoie & Justin Andrews. “We acknowledge the great collaboration between the CCRA and the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch as we continue to improve regulations”, concluded Andrews. The revisions to the policy reflect the commitment of all parties involved to improve safety and efficiency in the industry.

These changes include:
• the overall length increases from 25 meters to 31 meters
• the carrier length increases from 14 meters to 16.5 meters
• the adjacent axle distance increases from 3 meters to 4.2 meters

Further details about the changes will be made available in due course. Chapter 5 Policy for Specialized Vehicle Size and Weight Guidelines and Permits has been updated to reflect these changes. The CCRA and BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure appreciate the ongoing support and understanding of all stakeholders as these changes are implemented.

For more information, please contact:
Claire Bélanger-Parker
Claire@ccra-aclg.ca / 306-585-2722 / 306-535-9991

About the National Task Force on Weights & Dimensions Policy
The Task Force on Vehicle Weights and Dimensions Policy is a national committee comprising officials from the federal, provincial, and territorial transportation departments with responsibility for pursuing greater national and/or regional uniformity of policies, regulations and enforcement practices for heavy vehicle weight and dimension limits within Canada. The Task Force reports to the Council of Deputy Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety.

About BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure – Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch
The Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch is responsible for programs, regulation, and policy for commercial and private vehicles. These programs, regulation and policy provide general information affecting commercial carriers, vehicle inspection programs, National Safety Code information, and contain various publications and reference materials.

About the Canadian Crane Rental Association (CCRA) – Weights & Dimensions Committee
The CCRA represents all crane rental companies, crane owners, manufacturers, and suppliers to the industry. The Weights & Dimensions Committee, formally known as the Boom Dolly Research Committee, formed in 2019, is responsible for initiating industry led changes and improvements to weights and dimensions policies and regulations. One of the current key initiatives is working in collaboration with Western Provinces’ Transport Ministries to harmonize weights and dimensions for all-terrain cranes and the development of heavy load corridors between provincial jurisdictions.